Explain Pain resources

 noijam_EPB Explain Pain book
Second Edition
Butler and Moseley (2013)
A ground-breaking concept in its content and presentation, Explain Pain aims to demystify the process of understanding and managing pain. It brings the body to life in a way that makes an interesting read for therapists and pain sufferers alike.
(first edition)
Explicando a Dor (PT)
Explicando el Dolor (ES)
Begrijp de Pijn (NL)

Explain Pain
Explicando a Dor
Explicando el Dolor
Begrijp de Pijn


 EPAE_100x100 Explain Pain audiobook
Authors and voices:
Butler and Moseley.
Updated and completely re-recorded to reflect the second edition of Explain Pain. David and Lorimer talk you through the science of pain in everyday language, discussing amazing pain stories and how the experience of pain is constructed by the brain, your ‘danger alarm system’ and the ‘orchestra in the brain’, the healing processes that occur after injury and why pain sometimes continues long after tissues have healed.
Compressed ZIP file containing a MP3 format audiobook useable on any desktop or laptop computer.
 noijam_EPP Explain Pain poster set
Set of four posters based on concepts from the Explain Pain book, each A2 size (42cm x 60cm), plasticoated finish.Languages
Pôsteres Explicando a Dor (PT)
 noijam_PY Painful Yarns
This much anticipated collection of stories, written by clinical neuroscientist and co-author of Explain Pain, Dr GL Moseley, provides an entertaining and informative way to understand modern pain biology.Ebook
Painful Yarns

Neurodynamic resources

 noijam_SNS Sensitive Nervous System
Author: Dr David S. Butler. Butler’s classic text updates and integrates the growing science of neurodynamics into current practice.Ebook
Sensitive Nervous System
 noijam_NT The Neurodynamic Techniques DVD and Handbook
The definitive manual of neurodynamic techniques by the international Noigroup faculty.DVD
PAL (English + Multi language subtitles)
NTSC (English only)
 noijam_RW Red Wedge
For mobilisation of joint and neural tissue in the thoracic spine. Techniques are demonstrated in the Neurodynamic Techniques DVD and Handbook, The Sensitive Nervous System text and on NOI courses.

Brain Training resources

 noijam_FCH Flash Cards
Forty-eight left and right images, a therapeutic resource for left/right discrimination and restoration. Available for hand, foot, knee, shoulder, back and neck. Card games, reference list and instructions included.
 noijam_RONA Recognise App
Using Recognise™ has been shown to reduce pain, improve performance and assist with rehabilitation in a range of complex pain, and injury states, when used as part of a GMI programme.
iOS and Android
Hand, Foot, Knee, Neck, Shoulder and Back options
 noijam_MB Mirror Box
A resource used for many pain and disability states of the hands and feet, NOI’s Mirror Box is functional, hygienic, portable and affordable. Mirror and instructions for use included.
 noijam_GMIB Graded Motor Imagery Handbook
A handbook arising from the last 15 years of neuroscience, clinical trials and clinical reasoning science is here for both clinicians and pain sufferers alike.

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